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Dear L—,

I miss you! I see you everyday. I walk past you in the hallways. You are present in every meeting I have all day long. I ask to see you and hear you as you really are in those meetings and I do. You are faithful and cannot deny who you are, so when I call – you come. We discuss questions my girls ask me and you show me your wisdom – yet I miss you, L—.  I tell you about the struggles I see all around me, and in turn you show me your heart. I plead for a friend and you listen and intervene. Yet I miss you.

I’m reading your biography everyday, your words – learning about you. Yet I miss you. We don’t talk, just the two us for no reason anymore. I don’t ask you what your thinking, what’s on your heart, unless someone asks me to ask you these days. How can I miss you when I see you everyday? We do great business together, but I miss the romance. More than that – I miss you. 

Forgive me.



Several hours later while going through papers, an old letter is found.


Dear Katie,

Don’t ever forget that you are God’s precious girl. While He will use you to invest in people, He wants also to personally invest in you. He is passionately pursuing you, His beautiful bride, Katie….

A dear sister in Christ,

– C—-


Dear L—,

Tears are streaming down my face. Who am I that you should love me so? I who have forgotten you and who have missed you in my pursuit of investing in others. Yet you woo me back. You want to invest in me? I am beyond words.

L—, I forget so often. Thank you for remembering and reminding me when I forget. Forget that before my girls – before our girls -comes us. Thank you that your love letters come in many forms. And that your valentines are the best one’s written. ❤


Author: notunredeemed

Jesus follower, people lover, truth scribbler. Addicted to pain (growth). Passionate about relationships, identity and the transforming power of Christ.


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