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Come On In!


Dear Friends!

Welcome to my new blog. This past summer I reached a point where I either needed to give more time and energy to my blog so I could glorify Him more, or stop writing. To be honest, I almost stop blogging several times, but felt the Lord leading me to continue. So here we are! Same blog, same writer who is learning, but a new home.

So welcome to Not Unredeemed’s make over. Come on in, explore, and make yourself at home! I’ve switched from a blogger to wordpress template, so if you wish to still follow this blog, please sign up by email or follow me on twitter!

Solo Deo Gloria is Latin for ‘All Glory to God’. May this blog be a platform that brings Him glory,


Author: notunredeemed

Jesus follower, people lover, truth scribbler. Addicted to pain (growth). Passionate about relationships, identity and the transforming power of Christ.

4 thoughts on “Come On In!

  1. Girl never stop writing, God is using you and your words in such a powerful way. He has big dreams for you.

  2. Your new page is lovely. I’m glad you aren’t going to stop blogging. I’m sure you are an influence for God.

  3. Oh, Katie! It’s lovely. Can’t wait to hear about what God teaches you over the next months and years… 🙂


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