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Acceptance – a Different Kind of Risk?


A calculated chance, a faithful act. Risk isn’t always all that it seems – sometimes the greatest risk is doing the thing what seems more like acceptance or resignation than passionate adventure and visible action.

“… this acceptance  I speak of is not passivism, quietism, fatalism, or resignation. It is not capitulation to evil, or a refusal to do what can and ought to be done to change things. It is a distilled act of faith, a laying one’s will alongside God’s, a putting of oneself at one with His kingdom and His will.

Acceptance is abandonment [of self], the great risk of great lovers, when an awesome power is given over – the power to hurt…. To love means to open ourselves up to suffering.” Elisabeth Elliot – Loneliness

Even at times in our relationship with the Lord, it feels like risk when we open ourselves to His love.  All of His love – His deep love; not just His feel ‘good-on Sunday-morning’ love. But an understanding that God IS love. His faithfulness, His goodness, His anger, His holiness,  – all of that IS love. A.W. Tozer says:

“It is doubtful whether God can use a man greatly, until first He wounds him deeply.”

The molding and shaping of the Potter hurts. It’s the hands of the love that are pounding out our imperfections into usable pots.

When the Lord wounds us, it’s not passivism or resignation in which we must walk, but walk in acceptance – the distilling act of faith. Is that a risk? Or only the beginning of a journey to deep for words?

In acceptance, or rather surrender, to that risk of painful love – there is a sudden, inexpressible joy that can only come from that very same Lover. It certainly cannot stem from the pain within. Yet it over takes the pain with in. It’s that joy whose cleansing waters mix with the lemons in our soul to create the lemonade that makes the heat of life’s most scorching days bearable.

It’s a taste so great, that the deep flavor of this particular joy is reserved only for those He wounds. Accept. Taste and see that He is good.

5 Minute Friday Prompt: Risk

Author: notunredeemed

Jesus follower, people lover, truth scribbler. Addicted to pain (growth). Passionate about relationships, identity and the transforming power of Christ.

7 thoughts on “Acceptance – a Different Kind of Risk?

  1. Yes, yes, and YES! Great post, m’dear!

  2. Thank you! Great thoughts! (And by the way–I love your new look!!!)


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