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Here in the Now


The I AM, His very name is present. Here in the now. Our Lord is past present and future but we can only experience Him in the present. The key to abiding in Christ is the present. When we are dwelling in the past His grace is already used up. He only gives us grace for today, for the very moment we live in. If we are worrying about the future or fearing it – both worry and fear are sin. We can only abide (be in) Christ right here in the moment we are in. We so often try to feed off of yesterdays grace or lessons learned – but His mercies are renewed every morning for a reason.

He wants us now. More than He wants our tomorrows – He wants our today’s. He is omnipresent – we are not. We can only fully experience Him now. Yet we wait – we wait till we have time, till later in the day for our devos – or we wait for a far off promise – when He is here! Here right now amidst our craziness. He would not be the present God – our I AM, if He did not mean for us to encounter Him in the moment we are in.

The Lord spans time, He has the big picture view of our lives. We can’t enter into that picture or catch glimpse of it unless two things happen. We first need to be fully living in our here and now and then our here and now needs to be in Him.

This is done by mentally stopping – pausing. Don’t under estimate how much time the Spirit needs to meet us – He waits only for us to want Him. <— Tweet this! He is not confined to time like we are. One word from Him – one concept – one touch of grace – He can impart in a millisecond. Things we take years to study He can reveal in an instant – and He is waiting for you to invite Him into your “here and now”. Ask Him to invade not only your day today – but ask Him to invade your moments.


Joining up with Lisa Jo’s 5 minute Friday’s prompt : Here. Come join the fun!

Author: notunredeemed

Jesus follower, people lover, truth scribbler. Addicted to pain (growth). Passionate about relationships, identity and the transforming power of Christ.

3 thoughts on “Here in the Now

  1. you’re right. this IS good! Thanks for your dedication to getting the truth He reveals into words and putting them here for me to taste. This post was today’s grace for me.

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  3. Never thought of the “I am” as such, but perfect words for Him and His grace.


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