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Diamonds – 31 Days of Truth {Day 5}

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I promised a dear friend I would read and review her book for her but it’s been a slow process – every few pages the Lord has used something to speak to me. In the everyday life of today, I witnessed truth in a parable my friend beautifully crafted to illustrate a point.

In the Parable of the Silver Locket, a girl sees lockets everywhere, some treasured, some not, some thrown away and some tarnished, it seems everyone had a locket but her. Even the ones who did not appreciate their lockets or miss-used them – they still had one. The girl is always finding and polishing others lockets but she hasn’t found one for herself yet so she goes to the Locket Maker in town and asks Him to make her one.

He replies

“I have watched you learn to care for and protect my lockets. This is good. You can help others learn.”

“But Mr. Locket- Maker,” she explained, “many won’t listen to me. They don’t believe that I know how because I don’t have my own. If I could just have one, even a used one or a lost one or a tarnished one, anything, then I’ll help others. I just,” she paused and motioned with her arms, “I just long for something so precious, so valuable, something to give me purpose.”

The Locket-Maker looked at her thoughtfully. “Does it have to be yours to be precious? Do you have to possess it to offer it value? Can you, will you, be willing to polish and protect others lockets simply because I made them?”

The whole parable is beautiful and ends with a very good point, but for me, the truth was the point in the middle. Am I willing to polish and protect lockets that are not my own – simply because He made them?

You see if the story was mine, I should substitute a diamond instead of a locket or a relationship. One of the biggest joys and sorrows of my life is polishing others relationships. It’s one of my deepest dreams – to be a marriage and family counselor someday, to help people see themselves as God sees them, and the way that knowledge dramatically impacts their relationships for the glory of God. Marriage – the reflection of the trinity, identity – our reflection of His image. These concepts break my heart and baffle my mind. The delight of interpersonal communication, and gender roles played out the way God designed them are music to my soul.

I struggle with fear and inadequacy. Lord, how can I polish others diamonds when you have not yet given me one of my own?  Why do you let people treat as cheap, and throw a way what would be to me the most precious of gifts? Truth whispers in that Jesus and Paul – the two greatest authorities on relationships in scripture did not have one.

You see, if I had a diamond, I would be gazing at its beauty. I would not see the diamonds in the rough around me. When He deems it, I will have my own diamond and in that season the lessons and pain will just be different. But now, here, today is a season to polish others diamonds, to buff and shine them till they catch and reflect the light of the Son for all to see.

Can I buff and shine, if I get nothing from it? Can I buff and shine simply because He created that diamond, and I want the world to see His reflection? Yes, because life isn’t about me. It’s the same concept I often counsel in my diamond couples, it’s isn’t about what they can get from each other, but what they can give. It’s the same lesson of dying to self and glorifying Him. It just looks different in my life.

For today I’m called to be single, to polish and shine every diamond I get the honor of holding. And today it is good. In this place, I  receive the unique gift of watching many diamonds glint for Him. The view is pretty incredible and one that i will not always have the time and privilege to see, when my focus is turned to caring for one diamond.

What’s your “silver locket”? Do you have one?

 Natasha’s book – Pain Redeemed, is full of truth and grace. Look for the full review tomorrow and a chance to win a free copy of the book for yourself!

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Jesus follower, people lover, truth scribbler. Addicted to pain (growth). Passionate about relationships, identity and the transforming power of Christ.


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