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He Heals our Faith – 31 Days of Truth {Day 21}


Does the Lord ever weave a theme through your life as He is teaching you something? He often does in mine! This last week I keep running into and learning about faith. Several times this week I have opened the bible to various passages on faith as well as in my current study of Romans.It started last week with the Lord convicting me of not believing Him about something He was showing me. I came to the painful conclusion that I could not have the faith on my own to believe Him. But, oh so thankfully, Faith is a gift from the Spirit. I could believe Him – but that belief had to come from Him, not from within myself. And it did. If the Lord is asking you to do something – He will supply the faith for it! Ask for it. You don’t have to have the faith on your own.

With my prayer for the gift of faith (1 Cor 12; 7-9) has come a desire to learn more about it. This week on my way to Romans my Bible opened up to* Jeremiah 3:22

“Return, O faithless sons;
I will heal your faithlessness.”
“Behold, we come to you,
for you are the Lord our God.

He will heal our faithlessness?! I know He will forgive us of our sins. But it struck me that He will heal (cure) us of our faithlessness (lack of faith in Him).  It was so comforting to me, that the Lord not only gives us faith but heals us of our faithlessness. What a God we serve!

Today’s Tidbit of Truth: He not only provides forward, He heals backward. 

*Please note, I know that the “Popcorn” opening your Bible at random method is not always the best way to study and apply scripture. I do however believe that God is not limited and speaks to us at times that way. In studying the context of Jeremiah 3:22, the meaning of the vereses are still the same.

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6 thoughts on “He Heals our Faith – 31 Days of Truth {Day 21}

  1. Oh, my. Katie. I needed this so, so badly today.

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