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Walk in the Promise – 31 Days of Truth {Day 29}

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Has the Lord promised you something? I believe more fully than I can explain in a personal, relational, God who promises His children things. From the Israelite’s “Promised Land” and our Messiah; to individuals Ana seeing our Savior, and Sarah becoming pregnant, scripture is full of these promises. He is the same God yesterday, today and forever. Our God loves to promise His people good things.

A promise is a guarantee of something that is to come; with a hint of what will be. Like the tantalizing smell of a delicious meal cooking is a promise. You can almost taste it. You know it is coming by the non-tangible elements around it. A promise is a bit like that. The Lord promises us all different things. The promise could be redemption of relationships, a family, children, healing; the list is as long as everyone’s name reading this. The promises will be unique to each of us, but the process is the same.

Some promises are big some small; but I’m learning the actual promise doesn’t matter that much. Crazy huh? What matters is the process, because that is where we find Him. The Israelites learned about who the Lord was in the desert before the Promised Land. Abraham and Sarah learned about a God who calls “the things that are not as though they were”. Isn’t that a crazy description of our Lord’s character?

Walking in the promise takes a lot of faith, because promises from the Lord defy logic.  Peace however is only found when we believe, because we believe in the One who promised. Sometimes the Lord makes our time of walking really long, but the heat of the desert and the length of the walk is what purifies us. Streams are made in the desert when we come to love the Promiser, more then the hope of the promise.

 James 4 tells us (after he reminds us of being an adulterous people) that the Lord jealously longs for the spirit he causes to dwell within us. The Lord is jealous for our devotion and affection. He is jealous for His bride, for the Church, for you and for me. He doesn’t want a gold digger bride. One who only comes to Him for what He can give. Like any other lover, the Lord wants us to love Him for who He is. Who He is and what He does can’t always be separated (nor should they be), but at the same time walking through the desert of an unfulfilled promise burns the greed and selfishness out of us. Promises from the Lord are fulfilled on His terms and in His way. This often looks different then what we would have imagined when we first hear Him breathe the promise – but we are only qualified and able to handle the responsibilities of the promise after we are purified.

Are you being purified right now? Is your journey of faith long and weary? Take courage that the Lord will lead you to a place were you can no longer have the faith on your own. He wants to give you the faith for the journey. –Walking means relying on Him and letting Him supply the faith. When He supplies the faith, He supplies it like mana – just enough for today. You have to daily seek Him for it. Faith is never a once and done deal. If it were we would make it our own and become proud with no need for Him. We would be a lover who uses the other only for what they can get and then leaves.

 “I can have a hundred altars in my past and not know Him in the present if I am not seeking Him today” Natasha Metzler ( This is a must read post. Please visit her!)

Walk in your promise today, by seeking Him today. And be ok with the fact that it might not make sense to other people. Do what the Lord has asked of you. It will be worth it because HE is worth it

Wait not just for Him, but on Him.

Our souls wait in silence
In rest and in quiet for You, Spirit
In trust and dependence We walk in the promise of You coming
With hope and healing in Your wings
With fire and with wind
You fall on us again – Jeremy Riddle – Walk in the Promise

Today’s Tidbit of Truth: He IS the promise, One who not only always comes, but is always present in the process of walking. As we walk, we get Him and that is better than any end result. 

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