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The Conclusion – 31 Days of Truth {Day 31}

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In one word, the conclusion to the series “31 Days of Truth Witnessed in Everyday Life” s is “perspective”. It’s been quite the month. I went back and read through my posts and I’m left praising the Lord for answering my prayer in day 2

Every day we can choose to live life and view situations through our perspective, or we can ask to view them as He sees them. As they really are.  This series is about seeing life as He sees it, bearing witness to the truth around us, and asking the Lord for eyes to see reality.

The Lord has shown me so much reality. His truth does not change based on my mood or feelings. He is what is, and while I’ve always known that, by His grace, daily seeking to find that in my life has moved that knowledge from my mind to my soul. He is in control and I am not. When I recognize this with realization; grace and perspective change everything. It’s been far from an easy month and I’ll be unpacked and revisiting these lessons for a while, but I want to praise Him for His faithfulness.

I’ve compiled the 10 “most popular” and/or “most meaningful” blogs below. For the complete series please click here.

Go forward in His grace!

What is Truth? {Day 2}

Truth at its core is reality. Truth is what is. Not our perception of what is (that would be relative truth). Reality is what actually happened.

Vapor {Day 3}

There are no bad days; there are no good days. There are only days of grace. Days of  desperate reliance when shrouded in grace, become places of rest and peace.

More Than a Mat {Day 8}

Pain isn’t always a sign that something is wrong; it can be the proof that something is very right.

Lead Me  {Day 9}

How does the Lord lead you? Lead me that way! In it’s barest, simplest, form, leading means leading me the way Christ loves and leads you. How does He lead you? Answer that and you will know how to lead any girl. He has given you the master manual in His Word.

Used {Day 14}

“Hasn’t the Lord bandaged and healed you? Shared with you the gospel AND Himself? How many times have you grown and then ran on your merry way onto the next thing?” …The bubbles of my frustration, pride and justification of my hurt, and self-righteousness popped in the cleansing stream of the Holy Spirit’s voice.

Dragged  {Day 18}

The prize is testifying to His grace, and we win by slowing down enough to realize it.

He Heals our Faith {Day 21}

In regards to faith, He not only provides forward, He heals backward.

Meekness? {Day 24}

Meekness at it’s core is understanding who you are in Christ and living under His authority – not your own. Righteousness is so much more than being right. Meekness is the most secret of strengths. It is strength of the heart. Meekness is strength under control. 

Stress Lies {Day 27}

Fear/stress/anxiety are not based in circumstances but perspective.

Walk in the Promise  {Day 29}

He IS the promise, One who not only always comes, but is always present in the process of walking. As we walk, we get Him and that is better than any end result.  – Faith is knowing  Someone when we don’t know something.

“My Kids” {Day 30}

Lifestyle discipleship is less about a role we fill, and more about a life we live. Discipleship is living everyday to the glory of God in front of other people and inviting them to join you on the journey. Discipleship is so much more than teaching, it’s living and doing life together in His name. 

Today’s Tidbit of Truth: Perspective comes from Him and changes everything.

A lot of people did 31 Days series on their blogs, did you have a favorite? If so I’d love to read them!

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