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Sometimes Dreams


One of the things I enjoy doing both professionally and personally is costuming. I’m currently touring with a theater for a Christmas production and there is one scene/song that hits me every night. One of the leads is encouraging a young boy to not despair and to wait for his dreams:

“Sometimes dreams must wait. It might take years while your perfecting; A dream that takes longer than your expecting. Sometimes plans get changed. Sometimes help comes late. But there always is tomorrow, and that’s where dreams all wait.” – 4 Tickets to Christmas Production


I don’t want my dreams to wait. I want them to come now, today! It’s a very uncomfortable realization for me that I might not be ready for my dreams. That I’m still perfecting, still growing. What it comes down to is pride; I want to be ready, I want my dreams now, but it is my perfectionism and desire to be needed and for attention that drives me. Not love for the Lord or His glory. We wait for what we love. (Jacob loved Rachel so much that the 7 years he waited for her seemed but a few days).

 Today a friend (and fellow blogger) reminded me: “That God doesn’t do anything until He will get the optimum glory”. Can I wait for that? For God to move and make my dreams come true in His timing? He knows when I am ready to handle what He wants to give me, and the timing will align perfectly with when He will get the most glory. One of the ways we become ready is when our dreams and desire become about Him – not about us.

A lot of our dreams are good dreams. God honoring and glorifying dreams. But most dreams need to be purified, and purification happens in the waiting/training process, because even the dreams we have to serve the Lord and give Him glory can be tainted by our selfishness.

I’ll be 26 in the New Year and I am nowhere close to where I dreamed I would be in life. I thought I’d either be married, or would have changed the world for God by now (or both!). I had far off dreams of making a difference, being one of those teens or young adults that started the next compassion ministry or saved lives. I was going to be famous. I’m crashing hard against pipe dreams and reality; grandeur and the daily grind. What am I doing right now that isn’t changing my world for God?

What do we really mean by wanting  ‘to change the world for God’?   Sometimes dreams must wait. Sometimes dream are changed. It’s not defeat to admit or surrender to both.

I still long to change the world for God; and I’m commanded to impact the world as a whole (the great commission) – but He also given me ‘my world’ (the people and circumstances around me). Am I changing my world, the people I can touch – for Him? This is a dream that has changed – one that is being purified. I am ‘changing the world for God’; I’m serving Him as fully as I can where I am. What was missing from my dream is fame. Ouch. The part I never thought was about me – but isn’t it? We want to do something big for God, and if it’s recognized, we think of it as big. What we are recognizing is the fame – not serving the Lord. Serving the Lord in a world changing way means being faithful where He has you. Lord forgive me! This is the world you have given me. Help me change it.

Do you have a dream, a good dream that you are waiting for? Or one that is changing? Remember that when Saul converted to Paul, He didn’t immediately write most of the New Testament. Galatians tells us He spent 3 years being taught by the Holy Spirit before He began ministry. David and Moses tended sheep. Abraham grew in faith by giving glory to God (Rom 4) while waiting for the promise – Isaac. God is in the process of perfecting all of us – even Jesus learned obedience and serving where he was.  Waiting and training take humility. The promise of humility is grace -and grace is the ability to wait.

Are you willing to be a place holder? To serve while He is perfecting you for your dream? You for your dream! Even though He will make you wait until He can get the most glory – in His love He has you wait for you too. He wants you to get the most out of your dream as well. That’s why there is a tomorrow – because that is where dreams wait.


For those of you who have entered the “favorite things” give a way – thank you! Look for a post tonight or tomorrow where the winner will be announced! 

Author: notunredeemed

Jesus follower, people lover, truth scribbler. Addicted to pain (growth). Passionate about relationships, identity and the transforming power of Christ.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes Dreams

  1. Waiting on the Lord’s timing, especially with our dreams, is so vary hard. Almost as hard as not giving up on those dreams all together. Thank you for sharing your heart with us! Walking along side of you in this.

  2. “We want to do something big for God, and if it’s recognized, we think of it as big. What we are recognizing is the fame – not serving the Lord. Serving the Lord in a world changing way means being faithful where He has you.”

    Yes! Very good and convicting thoughts! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. Ah! There is so much wealth of wisdom in this post, Katie! I feel like I’m going to need to re-read it a few times. 🙂 I hear you and relate on so many things…I, too, will be 26 next year and am recovering from a recent breakup. I really wanted to marry this godly man, so I’m confused and hurting and…still hopeful. God is still good and faithful and I’m holding on to Him, but it’s a challenge to wait and trust without exactly knowing where you’re going. I will pray for you, new friend! 🙂

  4. So, so good, Katie. I am continually amazed and in awe of a God who can teach the same heart lesson to us both, even when our circumstances differ.

  5. How absolutely wonderful. That song hit me too when I saw the show.


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