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His Ceiling, My Floor


Guilt. That’s what I feel when I tell people about my dad. Guilt, because I have a good dad; one that loves me and is there for me, and I know that a lot of people and a lot of my friends don’t have dads like that.

But I’m wrong.

Forgive me – I should be talking about him because this world needs to know and see that some dads fight for their families, and their marriages. These men offer hope to a corrupt generation and culture as they stand as representations of Christ’s love, sacrifice and family. It’s never too late to pray for your Father, or your relationship with him.

“Prayer is the shortest distance between two people.” (Mark Driscoll)

It’s also possible for girls to have good relationships with their dads – when neither party is perfect! Selfishness and Satan may have destroyed many men, but not all, and those men remain as examples of godly masculinity – it can be done.

My dad is one of those men. He’s not perfect by any stretch, but he will also be the first one to tell you that. My dad is a first generation Christian. He was saved in his early twenties and has spent many years breaking and battling generational sin, and paving the way for us to have the solid foundation that he did not.  It’s because of him that I know the Lord.

papa and Katie 2

As a way of honoring my dad and his faithness, published below is my Father’s Day note to him:


Tonight I heard our song “If I stand” by Rich Mullins. Thank you! Thank you, for faithfully teaching me every one of those lyrics. It’s because of you that I wanted to know if there was “more” than just the prairies and the wind, and the ocean pulsing with the tide. I feel the wind now and know the comfort of the Holy Spirit. I still hear the Lord best next to water, as “deep calls out to deep”. Papa – There is more! Thank you.

Some days I stand and sing, other days I fall on the grace that first brought me to Him. And oh, how I long for “home”. I never understood what you meant when you would tell me you longed for Heaven. I get that now. I wanna go home too.

Thank you for teaching me by example what it means to stand by something the Lord is showing you, and for showing me what it’s like to fall on grace. You never hid your faults from us. You were open and honest and repentant. I learned to repent and take ownership of my faults; by watching you humble yourself before us and before the Lord.

When I think of you of two words come to mind – Integrity and Faithfulness.

I haven’t always agreed with all of your decisions, but I never doubted for a moment, that you loved us and were doing what you thought was right. Thank you for that. For always putting our needs ahead of your own. Day or night, you make time for us, for me. I may be long grown and moved out, but my favorite childhood memories are of you every night without fail tucking us in and praying over us. That’s when I learned how to pray, and how to scream, “I love you special” at the top of my lungs down the hallway.

I know you fought through many things to become the man of God that you are today. Thank you for never giving up or looking back! It’s because of all the things you lifted up to the Lord, that your ceiling has become my floor and my spiritual foundation. I do not and will not by God’s grace, take the foundation you have given me for granted.

You are one of my hero’s because you were faithful. And the world needs to know that.

I love you,


P.S. I cant wait to dance to this song someday with you!

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Jesus follower, people lover, truth scribbler. Addicted to pain (growth). Passionate about relationships, identity and the transforming power of Christ.

5 thoughts on “His Ceiling, My Floor

  1. Love this post!! You have an amazing dad and should be nothing but thankful that God gave you such an amazing man of God to be your earthly daddy. It truly is sad that so many women and friends can’t say that they have a good and Godly father however I do believe that so many times God will faithfully be not only a father to the fatherless but also bring someone into each persons life to display the Heavenly Fathers love. Thank you for speaking so eloquently about your fathers love! He really is an amazing man and I am honored to have gotten to spend time in his presence and learn from his wise counsel! Love you!

  2. Love this. I was blessed with an amazing father as well, and you’re right– we need to speak about it.

  3. I’m so happy for you that you have such a wonderful father. Praise God!

  4. Wow that was inspiring. Knowing that this is a spiritual battle and like your father fought it is not to late to call on God and ask him to help us fight the curses that have taken a hold of this world as well as out own families. Thank you for sharing that!

    God bless


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