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Why I Plan Bachelorette Parties

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When you read the title of this post, did you think “wild party” or ‘TV show”? Most of us associate bachelorette parties with going out on the town and doing things we would never do normally (morally speaking), or maybe as the last chance to be wild before settling down and getting married. And the TV Show? Well that could be its own blog post, and for the sake of my blood pressure and  roommate who would have to listen to me yelling at the TV ….we had better not talk about the show.

I plan bachelorette parties because they are a celebration of the bridge between two phases in life. It’s a chance for the bride to take a break from planning and breathe.To laugh at the “remember when’s” and wonder out loud at the “might be’s”. A well planned bachelorette is about giving the bride the time and space to process and transition.

Bachelorette parties do not have to be crazy and immoral, but they can be crazy and fun! For many brides, this is the last chance to go out as one of the single ladies, so it is an opportunity to do something special that they may not normally do. Each party is different because each bride is different.

The parties have varied widely in the past, but several have included a spa day, hiking, an in-house movie and games, fancy dinner, campfires, weekend get-a-ways and lingerie showers. These were all done tastefully, and were still a blast.Fun is not based solely on what you do, it begins with the motivation of your heart. If you set out to be wild and rebellious that will be the feeling of the party. If its to honor the bride and celebrate, then celebrate you will. What we look for is what we find. I promise there is a middle ground between pinning junk on the hunk and stoic advice filled with christianease.

And lingerie – if the bride would like some, helping her embrace and celebrate healthy sexuality is not awkward but beautiful. Within the right context the Father has given us all things to enjoy. Solomon says to not stir up or awaken love until it pleases. A lingerie gift or shower is pleasing time to stir up love in my opinion. However that’s not why I plan bachelorette parties, and it’s only one element of them if the bride would be blessed by it. The heart of a bachelorette party is the celebration of what was, and what will be.

Regardless of where we are in our journeys or relational statuses, being invited into someone else’s journey is always as honor. And from that honor springs great joy. Sharing that joy is why I plan bachelorette parties.

Today I’m celebrating my sister Sarah, with my very favorite kind of bachelorette – a trip! We find ourselves in Mrytle Beach, wandering the boardwalk, shopping, going for night swim in the ocean and celebrating life as sisters.

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