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Wedding pictures


I don’t really have words tonight ya’ll, but my heart is full and blessed.
My little sister is married and I cried tears of joy for her several times through out the day.
Today something really special happened: i gained a brother in law. He also happens to understand that coffee is my love language (and he works at Starbucks!) Shazam!
More incredible than that? Was the moment He whispered “I love you” to me as we stood in the receiving line. Not a man of many words this was incredibly precious to me. I also spent 3 hours getting to know my future sister in law (next months wedding).
Hearts truly do explained to hold more love.

Learned how to do Waterfall Braids on the spot.

Learned how to do Waterfall Braids on the spot.

Sisters - Bridesmaids

Sisters – Bridesmaids






New to be sister-in-law  <3

New to be sister-in-law ❤


Wedding Cake - been a few years since I made one of these

Wedding Cake – Been a few years since I made one of these

Mr & Mrs.

Mr & Mrs.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding pictures

  1. Wow, what beautiful dresses and wedding gown! You look just lovely and of course so does the bride. Love the earrings you wore and how your hair was done. I’m glad you all had such a lovely day!


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