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Singleness and the Gospel

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So what does the Gospel and Singleness look like? It looks like the Gospel. Jesus’s love doesn’t split His children into groups or categories. It unites them into one. I used to believe the lie that I was missing out on a part of the Lord’s love because I was not married. We rightly compare the church to marriage, or marriage to Christ’s love for the church. But marriage is a picture of that love. It isn’t that love. In the sense that the love that Christ has for His church isn’t reserved for just married couples to experience. As individual sons and daughters the Lord has intimacy and love for us – for you, for me. While sharing the love of the Lord with someone is beyond precious, we can only share it when it’s first precious  in us.

Marriage is also not the only way that we can experience a picture of Christ’s love for the Church. This is might be an

uncomfortable thought, but in our longings to be with those we love, we can in part taste the way the Lord longs for His Bride. How many times have we longed for someone, ready to love them but they went about and did their own thing?

How many times has the Lord stood by, ready and willing to love you? While you went about and did your own

thing? – What To Do With Longings (read more here)

I have a full heart tonight friends but my brain is very tired. I hope to explore more on Singleness and the Gospel as the Lord is awakening in me the recognition of the power of the Gospel in my every day life as a single gal, but for now – living life fully means sleeping. For He gives His Beloved sleep! And I am His Beloved.

Because this post is so short, please take a moment and consider this question:

In what area of your life is God standing waiting, ready and willing to love you?Ready and waiting

Today's the Day: Being Single and Fully Alive “Singleness and the Gospel is a part of the “Today’s The Day: Being Single and Fully Alive” a 31 Days Series. To read more from this series please click here.

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