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A Birkenstock Princess

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I’ve never been able to pass up a chance to dress up or wear a costume, and today was no different. A bit surprised and very thankful, the Cinderella dress I made as a teenager still fit – Disney Day at the Coffee Shop here we come.

The glass heels however were not to be. The very thought of standing on concrete in them for five hours made me shudder.
12186673_10153412642679807_3970349743889068141_oAs I cleaned tables and made Lattes in the princess dress, I had to chuckle at the gentle ironic humor in it. I was dressed up just as the Lord has been calling me to be of late: a princess in birkenstocks. A girl who knows and walks in her authority and confidence as daughter of the King. Completely feminine, romantic and a dreamer, and yet reachable and down to earth – unafraid of the dustiness and dirt of real world living. A princess who can kick butt.

Made for both the ballroom and the kitchen. I find myself at time falling into the subconscious patterns of believing that I need to be all of one thing or another: a princess or a tomboy, a speaker or a barista, in the ballroom or in the kitchen.  When in reality the Lord just calls me to be me. To enjoy the things He’s put in me to enjoy, and all the gifts and opportunities that come my way. Today I was a princess, tomorrow I’m going to be a cowgirl. And both – ARE SO MUCH FUN! We are the ones who limit ourselves – the Father invites us to adventures.






It seems these days I now think in memes! (thank you D House students!) My hair may or may not forgive me for this one. We shall see. 🙂


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