Not Unredeemed

… living the beautiful tension between what is, and what will be …


Maybe that’s the Point

Empty, void of something, anything. Empty comes with the connotation that there should be an opposite of empty – full, complete. Empty is a longing and a desire for something in the nothing. Empty is incomplete.

I really dislike ‘incomplete’ when it comes to knowledge. I like to know things. I’m a big picture person, needing to see the overview before I can figure out the details. That’s the problem though ‘I’. I don’t like empty and lack of knowledge because then I can’t control the details, work them out or prepare for them. Empty means I need to trust the Lord.

I recently told a friend, “If this happens I got it. Or if the opposite of that happens I got it. But this in-between, the not knowing – it’s killing me! I can’t do the emptiness of the unknown. With quite wisdom she replied, “maybe that’s the point Katie, YOU can’t do it.” But He can.

In my illusion of control I think I can do it when I see the big picture, I don’t need Him. Praise God for the empty! And for a holy God who will not share His glory with another.

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What is real? What is reality? After sitting under Dr. Tackett of the Truth Project any of his students will tell you that reality is what really is. Reality is truth and Jesus is “the way the Truth and the life”. Reality is therefore found in the very nature and character of God. Wow. How often do our realities not line up with God’s reality? Lately, I’m afraid mine isn’t as much as it should be. I find doubts and insecurities creeping in. I find myself starting to see myself through my eyes, comparing myself by myself and by others. Paul says this should not be!

But this is not reality. I am who God says I am. You are who Christ says you are. That is the reality! Yet the lies about who we think we are, are often so ingrained in us though!

But even here – between what we know God says we are – vs what we feel we are – even here God doesn’t leave us! He gives us the power through relationship with His Son to believe it and then LIVE it! We have the power to be free to live as God sees us and calls us, – loved – chosen – redeemed-HIS. Continue reading




I almost always see this word as a bad thing. For me it means limitations, that I’m not super woman as much as I want to be. It means I’m human.  I’m learning it means He’s God. I’ve known for years that God is my strength and when I’m weak He’s strong and yada yada yada…. But lately it’s making it’s way from my head to my heart. I KNOW that when I’m tired and at my end – it is my end and the beginning of Him. For all of my tiredness there is an opposite in Him.

Tired of being sick (physically) all fall – tired to the point of not functioning.
Tired of seeing the pain and evil – tired of my heart breaking.
Tired of the Lord revealing things to me I can’t do much about or fix – tired of surrendering it all back to Him.
Tired of fighting my own selfishness.

And yet – I’m thankful He’s not tired of me. For every time my heart breaks, it’s only because His is too.  Fighting my selfishness means that it’s dying. That He is living more. With sickness comes compassion and patience. In revelation comes responsibility to pray – utter reliance on Him. For in the end of my understanding begins His. When my heart can’t take it anymore – His is larger. Perhaps tired is a good thing. It keeps me on my knees.

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Painful Growth

Grow. Equally synonyms with growth in my mind is pain. I’ve never grown without pain. It’s either a painful circumstance that humbles me and I grow from it, or it’s the pain of dying to self as I grow closer into the likeness of Christ. I have a lot of pain left to experience! The thing with painful growth lessons is you remember them. The clique “No pain, no gain” is even more true in the spiritual realm than it is the physical.

A close girlfriend once told me she thought I was addicted to pain. I laughed but since have realized it’s true. I’m addicted to pain, to growth. Why? Because that is where Christ is! Katie Davis sums it up well:

“I realize that the hard places are good because it is there that I gained more wisdom, & though with wisdom comes sorrow on the other side of sorrow is joy. And a funny thing happens when I realize this: I want to go to the hard place again. Again and again and again.”

Growth. Pain. Joy.

Do you shy from the hard places? From the pain that comes with growth? An other friend joked that he wished he could invent spiritual growth painkillers. Again I laughed, but then – should we take them? Wouldn’t we miss the growth that comes only through the pain?

I don’t like pain, but at the same time is missing out on the blessing of the intense fellowship with Christ that comes through the pain worth the temporary fix of the ‘pain killers’ we like to use? Continue reading


No Expectations

We all plan against it. Fear it. The unexpected, unknown, and most often the unwelcome. But yet isn’t that life? The most meticulous planner can’t control the unexpected in life as much as they try. If they could it wouldn’t be unexpected.

What if we embraced the unexpected instead of fearing it? Embraced a philosophy of no expectations? I’m not saying no standards to hold people too – God knows where our society is because of that, but no expectations on the Lord, and the ones we love and how we love? No one can meet all of our expectations and so we constantly battle a little disappointment and frustration even if it is subconscious. We want what we want, when we want it, and we want to control it. We want the Lord to move, but we want it our way.

How much more joy and gratitude would we have for the Lord and life if we just let the Lord work? Expect the unexpected with God. Expect Him to move, but not how He should move? Let go of the futile control and embrace adventure. We’re on this ride of life whether or not we want to be, so stop fighting and start enjoying!

Loving with no expectations is what Christ did and it’s there in that love that the unexpected happens. Instead we love people with preconceived biases of how they are going to act and we try to tell the Lord how to move in our lives.

Lets live a day with no expectations and see what freedom the unexpected brings!

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Never used, brand new, tags still on, new life, new birth, newness, new again – re new. There is something so beautifully innocent about newness, youthful exuberance, a hesitant uncertainty, a blissfully unaware, a purity, a simplicity, a long lasting impression or memory – a first.  Precious and of great value – but newness doesn’t last for long – ever. Perhaps there is more treasure and beauty in maturity, in knowledge of the old, or the complicated, the dirty or shameful. Perhaps to fully appreciate newness, or re –newness we must first glimpse the old to grasp the beauty of re new. Perhaps newness is grace, a situation redeemed, a second chance. For those are the times we really appreciate the lasting newness only found in Him.

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5 Minute Friday Prompt:

Warm, inviting, beautiful, calm, relaxing, friendly, picturesque – welcoming. Every term I can think of to describe welcoming draws a picture of comfort and peace – a sense of calling and being drawn into.  We welcome people into things and for things.  And so it is with the Lord. We want to welcome him into beauty, into order even chaos – when we really need Him. But what about welcoming Him into the places in our lives where it is uncomfortable?  Places of sin yes, we are all good at knowing we should welcome the Lord in there, but what about the places of our self righteousness? Or preconceived notions of what are right? Or maybe things we don’t want to think about and don’t have an opinion on. Those UNCOMFORTABLE places. Places where having an opinion and re examining our stance and views will lead to action. What about those places? Is He welcome there?

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