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A Fulfilled Singleness

I’m quickly approaching a new age bracket. Next month I cross over into a different age category on the check boxes in every church bulletin and doctor’s office. It’s caused me to ponder a few things. Where I am right now – is this what I thought my life would look like, or what I dreamed of when I was growing up? No. I’d thought I would be married with a parcel of kids by now. Over at YLCF, we did a survey of our readers and I heard many of our girls crying out in their singleness – I understand their questions and longings. Is it possible to be fulfilled as a single person?

“One of my deepest longings is still to be married and work alongside my husband in ministry someday. But the Lord has called me to something that doesn’t cancel out my wish to be married. In fact, what He’s called me to enhances and fulfills the desire I have to be married because it encompasses it: He has called me to glorify Him.”  

To read more of my journey on how I found fulfillment in singleness – please visit continue reading over at YLCF.

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From – To

“It’s a new year. What is God calling you towards? Rather than making a new years’ resolution list, what about creating your own “from – to” list? I started to realize the last few years that the Lord weaves different themes throughout my year. This past year was a journey of the Lord calling me from zealous passion to mature balance in just about every area of my life. He called me from control to trust and obedience in things I couldn’t see the results of yet”. Continue reading –>

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How to Conquer the Christmas Blues

Blues. Why is loneliness associated with blue? Why not red and green — the colors of the Christmas season that strikes loneliness into the heart of the most contented of singles? It’s a season of gifts, when a lot singles would rather return their ‘gift of singleness’.
But then, what if? What if the Lord did give us a receipt with which to return our “gift”?

Singleness can be returned at the Focus department in the INAY (It’s Not About You) store. I know, that’s harsh – but it’s true. Bear with me and to read more about why I’ve come to this conclusion, and why (even though I’m in the same place I was last year) I’m enjoying Christmas without the normal blues this season continue reading here.

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Identity Lost

It’s not often I’m asked what I’m passionate about or that I get the chance to write on it. But this month I was asked to write on what makes me personally passionate – not just on how to define your passions. It is strangely freeing, yet with a sense of deep vulnerability, that I shared my passion with the readers over at YLCF. The Lord has gifted and called each of us to live out what He has put in us and sometimes it’s reading about others passions that stir or awaken our own. For that reason I want to share mine with you! (It may also help you to see some of the heart behind Not Unredeemed.)

“Wrestling within herself, she turned away from my arms and the prayer on my lips. Her face now in shadow, she uttered a plea and prayer of her own that broke my heart. “God! Why am I worth fighting for?” At 16, Amy is a beautiful Christian girl who has already experienced enough of life’s ugliness to make her question her worth to the very God who gave it to her.” To continue reading please visit Identity Lost.

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Passion – Beyond the “What” to the “Why”.

The purpose of our passions is to honor the One who created them in us, but we can’t worship Him with what we don’t know we have. I firmly believe everyone has a passion. Sometimes we just have to search a little bit for them. So I challenge you, do you know what your passion is? What steps do you need to take to either identify your passions or cultivate the ones you already know you have?

Be it art, music,or service we all have passions, both heart passions and physical passions. To continue reading about Identifying Your Passions please join me over at YLCF.

Created in His imagine there is no room for us not to spend time seeking Him for, and honoring Him through, our passions. Go past the “what” in your life to the “why”!

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Spoken Identity

Do you ever realize that our WORDS create things? That they create an identity for ourselves and those we speak them too?

This month I wrote an article for Young Ladies Christian Fellowship about the impact of our words and how they relate to a person’s identity. Like a coat, words cover us. But do we always wear the coat the way the designer (or speaker!) intended us too?

You can design the most beautiful masterpiece in the world and if it is misused, under-valued or incorrectly worn, it completely changes the purpose for which it was created. For instance, stockings can be worn as hats, but when they are, they send a completely different message than what they were created for – like robbery!

To keep reading please visit YLCF !

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Fathers and Daughters

This past weekend I had the privilege of going home to see my family. It was crazy time full of laughter, fun, childhood friends, and an old fashioned square dance. Even with all the fun planned the first thing I wanted to do on arriving was run into my father’s arms – and stay there!  The last few weeks of ministry have been rough and challenging to say the least and nowhere on earth do I find a place which holds more physical security and peace than in the arms of my Dad.

Knowing I had a rough few weeks, Pops arrange to take me out on a date. I love daddy dates by the way! As one of 7 daughters, a date with ‘Papa’ as we endearingly call him is always special. My Dad was my first date at age 14. It was fun then – but looking back now, it was monumental in my life.

Fathers, whether they know it or not, are the first to speak value and identity into their daughters. Girls learn what is and is not the normal way to treat and be treated by men from their dads. Continue reading